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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions carefully. My goal is to breed Bernese Mountain puppies who are healthy, who have wonderful outgoing temperaments, and who are true to the Bernese Mountain Dog Breed standard.


It is important that you have done research on Bernese Mountain Dogs, and that you understand and acknowledge the specific problems inherent to this breed including but not limited to CANCER-HIP-ELBOW DISEASE, DM, VW DISEASE. It is important that you understand the potential cost involved in adopting this puppy as part of your family. Living creatures are so different from the things we buy. Animals become ill. They can misbehave. They have accidents. They can destroy things. They can be willful, but they can also be playful. They can also fascinate us and demonstrate loyalty as they provide wonderful companionship.


I take great care in choosing my breeding dogs and test them for possible hip, elbow, DM, VW, as well as other tests necessary for healthier offspring. I am just as careful in placing my puppies with prospective families. Your answers to these questions will help me choose the right puppy for you and your family. I make that choice based on my knowledge of each puppy in addition to the information that I collect from you. Although we cannot provide specific assurances, warranties or guarantees, we remain willing to help foster a good relationship for you and your pet and will try to be the best resource we can be for you both now and in the future.

- Laurie Copeland

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